This is my hedgehog named Prick. Ive had him since he was 6 weeks old.
There are two movies at the bottom of the page.

Kim (the breeder I got him from) taking Prick out of his bin and getting him ready for me to take him home.

A good clear picture of little Prick.

Pricks getting his nails done for the first time. I use nails clippers and its hard to get the little spike ball to hold still.

From kim - " Under the one where I am filing his nails I would add that we normally put them into a sink of water to trim them.  However there are some that will sit very still and allow them to be filed that way people can understand both ways."

Getting weighed before he comes home with me.

Holding him in his blanket. he doesn't like being woken up.

Teja holding Prick for the first time.

He is in a dog carrier while I clean his bin.

After his bath, which he did not like getting.

Ive cropped this picture for my steam avatar.

Another bath picture.

At home in his bin. When he gets upset he has been known to put his paw on top of the car and shove it into the side of his bin.

Running in his wheel. He does this all night long.

Going to hide from the camera.

Running in his wheel before his accident. As you can see in the above picture Prick at one point had wood shavings in his bin. One night as I was cleaning his cage out I went to pick him up and put him into the dog carrier. When I looked at him I saw that his eye was hanging out of the socket. I left him there and hurriedly called Kim to ask what I should do. She told me to take him to the emergency vet and talk with them. I went down there right away and they said the eye was no good. It would either have to be shrunk and put back in but with the chance of future complications or I could have the eye completely removed. I opted for having it removed because I did not want him to deal with any future complications. Here are a few after surgery pictures I took.

He does not like to be picked up as much since the accident but when I do hold him he is more calm after a few minutes. Before his accident he would get huffy when I held him and try to get away. Now he tried to fall asleep in my arms.



Prick anointing himself. Sorry for the quality.
Prick running in his wheel and around his bin.

Pricks first fan art by a Manly Awesome Redditor